I love getting creative in my closet. It feels so good to find new life to things I've loved but maybe forgotten, or maybe something I've always worn the same way with the same other pieces. I strongly believe in upcycling your own clothes before making one more purchase. If you still love them, and they love you back (i.e.still fit, are in good condition) then why not give them a second chance?


So, for the holidays, I dug into my "collection" and created a few outfits that are flattering, chic, and easy.

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12.20.20 / Holiday 1.0 
silk charmeuse (1).jpg
Copy of baroque pearls _ silk chiffon _

I created a few outfits for the holidays. Do they they spark

some ideas for yours?


I paired each with low-heeled mules, One step up from the slippers we've been wearing

since March.


accessories & shoes

for the shoot

first (awkward!) time lapse video of randomly dressing (very random)

closet credits
J.Crew - leopard Pants, leopard Belt
Donna Karan - red satin Top
Athleta - skinny jeans
Dolce and Gabbana - gold-buckle belt
DKNY - mules
Miz Mooz - embellished mules
Jocelyn - feather bolero
Ma Petite Financee - black/cream silk top
Rangoni - patent toe mules
Vince - brown silk dress

Everything I used was ranged from 1 to 25 years old (!)


When I buy things I love,

I don't want to part with them

after a year...or five...

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