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Debra Schwartz
Debra Schwartz

Nature's endless color play isn't just a feast for the >>

eyes—it's a goldmine for us designers, offering a masterclass in pairing and contrast that we channel

into our boldest and most breathtaking creations.

Here, on a recent trip to the New York Botanical Garden, I spied an orchid whose color palette not only reminded me of a Gucci Spring/Summer collection I'd just seen, but inspired an outfit from my our curated closet!


Visually connecting the dots is one of my "things" ; ).


My styling career began with Barbie: mixing and matching outfits to create mini-fashion masterpieces and crafting my own version of Barbie's dreamhouse from found objects, nurturing a love for both fashion and interior design from a young age.


During my high school years, I scored a coveted position at a prestigious boutique. Here I  indulged in styling “grownups” and developing my design-eye for both fashion and interiors.


College further deepened my passion, and honed my style-sense. While studying design, I looked for opportunities to fuse fashion and interior elements. You might find me in the school library not browsing books, but poring over the pages of Vogue and Architectural Design.


Post-college, I transitioned into the world of corporate design, spending years at Estee Lauder, then co-founding a digital media company, Imergy before venturing out on my own to offer styling services. All the while I’ve continued to further educated, to explore and to incorporate my love for both fashion and interior design into every aspect of my work and life.


Throughout my career my passion for style has burned brightly, a constant guiding force in everything I do. As I focus on empowering my client’s lives with style, both in what they wear and how they live, my commitment to blending fashion and interior design remains unwavering.

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