about signature styling

about signature styling

Life 2.0.    It's a time of transition.  Of change.

Your lifestyle may have changed.

Your body has likely changed.

You might have become an empty-nester.

Transitions are times to think about where you are now in life, where you want to be, what you want next.

What does look like to you?

Are you showing up?

Are you showing in a style that feels like who you are today?


dd the question of post-pandemic dressing.

Comfort or style?  Can you have both? (the answer is "Absolutely")

Enough thinking...and this is where I come in.

To help you discover the style that optimizes your body, your lifestyle, the you of today.

In your signature style of dressing that is transformative, empowering, and elevates you with self-confidence.

This is your Life 2.0. Show up in style.

and about me

It began with Barbies; mixing and matching outfits and giving each doll a new look was my favorite thing to do.


Next, I started dressing my little sisters who gave me the perfect opportunity to style and stage my own at-home fashion shows. (They were pretty good sports)


My passion for fashion was further fueled when I landed a job at a top boutique during high school. I was in heaven. And I was dressing actual grownups! 


I went on to study design at college in the Midwest where I earned the reputation as "the fashionista from the East”. I'll take that!


I focused my design energy and eye in the corporate world of the cosmetic titan, Estee Lauder, followed by a decade my own startup digital media company, Imergy. 

These were excellent experiences, but nothing gave me the same kick I used to get from styling women, and working with clothes.


So, now in my 2.0, I've come full circle, back to my early passion for fashion.


I'm here to create the personal style that give you confidence, joy, and

empowers you to have the 2.0 you desire.