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Debra Schwartz

I've been through transitions and checked off the boxes.


Our post-menopausal bodies have changed. Things shifted, dropped, bulked up in weird places. Clothes we've always rocked, mat still hang in the closet like cruel reminders of a former you.


Maybe your kid(s), (for me it was my only) left for college halfway across the country. We're no longer the sun to their satellite. Welcome to empty-nesting.


Maybe it's been a long time since we identified as our former (fill in the blank) business self. And it's time for reinvention.


I checked all those "boxes". So, yes, I get it. I understand and I have made it my mission to make a difference to women in their 2.0. The BEST of your life.

We have wisdom, experience, a deeper, maybe different type of beauty. If we only knew then what we know now, right?

Time for self-reflection,  and reinvention.

It's time to show up, with confidence and style.

And I am here to make it happen for you.


It began with Barbie: mixing and matching outfits.

Dressing dolls in mini- fashions was my favorite thing to do.


Simultaneously, I was dressing my little sisters, giving me the perfect opportunity to stage at-home fashion shows. (They were pretty good sports!)


My passion-for-fashion was further fueled when I landed a job at a top boutique during high school. (I was in heaven styling grownups!) 


I went on to study design at college where I was the go-to girl for styling and shopping (and lending out my stuff)!


After college, I spent nearly a decade in corporate design at cosmetic titan, Estee Lauder, followed by a decade at a digital media company, Imergy, which I co-founded. 

All excellent experiences, but nothing gave me the same kick I used to get from working with fashion.


So I came full circle, back to my first love. Styling, with the mission is to empower women with confidence and joy through style.

Debra Schwartz
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