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Debra Schwartz

"it's my privilege & passion to bring my clients joy through style & fashion" 


Debra is fabulous to work with...personally and professionally!! She not only helped me update my wardrobe and find clothes that were fashionable and flattering, but she also gave me to confidence and the style tools to walk into a store on my own and leave with the pieces that make me feel good. Her taste is timeless, and she's able to work with people (like me) to find the clothes that fit their individual personality and lifestyle. I look forward to working with Debra again!!

Debra is a creative, non-judgmental coach who is able to bring out the best in everyone by accentuating your strong points. It was a transformational experience - instead of rummaging through tons of clothes with nothing to wear, I have pared down my wardrobe and have multiple options no matter what the occasion thanks to her innovative outfits.

Debra is fantastic! I was stuck trying to find an outfit for an important zoom meeting. She went through some options with me. Narrowed down to a great option very quickly. She helped me pick jewelry and even discussed my hairstyle to make sure everything matched. All together took about 20 minutes. Couldn't be happier! Would totally come back to

hd,  new york

kr, california

ke,  new york

Debra was fantastic at making me feel relaxed; she made the whole process enjoyable and fun.  I now can wear clothes that accentuate my positive features rather than hiding my flaws.
I get loads of compliments and, more importantly, it has changed the way I feel about myself.

ss, new jersey

Debra is an outstanding stylist with a keen eye for color and fabric coordination. I never dreamed my clothes could be so well paired to create brand new looks! She was great at recommending styles that were most flattering for me while gently suggesting give away pieces that were less than complimentary

pp, new jersey

Debra is one of the most talented people I have ever experienced. She can create beauty and elegance from the ordinary. I have personally had her help with both my wardrobe and my home, and Debra's sense of style and taste is impeccable. Neither has ever looked so good. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Debra will change your world to the best it can be! 

rt, california

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