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The ultimate package for a style discovery & reinvention. Come away with the personal style that elevates & empowers you, a closet filled with only clothes that make you feel amazing, plus the knowledge of how to create fantastic looks for every occasion with ease. AND, most importantly, confidence through the roof!

This process includes:
· a STYLE ASSESSMENT to determine your best direction
· a
BODY TYPE & COLOR CONSULTATION to find what's most flattering
· the
WARDROBE MAKEOVER to edit & curate your wardrobe
· the
fill in the gaps, update & refresh
· and OUTFIT CREATION where we put it all together in fresh, new ways
·.in a custom
DIGITAL CLOSET where all your pieces are catalogued
· along with a LOOKBOOK where outfits are catalogued for rapid reference

This package of services is completed over three sessions, either online or IRL


A comprehensive edit & curation that begins with a review of everything in your closet: clothing, accessories, shoes. Try it all on & learn what to keep, tailor, toss, donate, demote, & why.  I'll guide you towards curating a wardrobe that works hard for you, without you working at it.  Getting dressed becomes stress-free & efficient. And  brings you joy. ADD on the FASHION FIT FORMULA, a 12-point measuring solution based on your bone structure, providing you with the information to look better in everything you wear.

We'll accomplish this, typically, over a 3-hour session, either online or IRL 

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