Debra was fantastic at making me feel relaxed; she made the whole process enjoyable and fun. I now can wear clothes that accentuate my positive features rather than hiding my flaws. I get loads of compliments and, more importantly, it has changed the way I feel about myself.

Show up with confidence     



I help you discover the Signature Style that celebrates you & gets you dressed for the best of your life.

Style is about self expression, and, above all, attitude


Hair and Makeup by MJ
Photography by Clara Wang Photography
Styling by ME! 



Signature styling is about wearing things that bring you confidence, empowerment, and joy. 

Signature styling is about dressing to optimize your body, your lifestyle, & the YOU of today.

Espec ially in what I call Life 2.0.  A time of transition into a new chapter.


Could be menopause, could be divorce, or becoming an empty-nester.

Whether its a change in your body, lifestyle, career these times of transition are the perfect for reflection and evaluation.

How am I showing up?

And, is it in a style that feels like who I am right now?

As a personal stylist I bring you expert guidance and advice to achieve a look that elevates you and brings you confidence to glide into whatever is next.

And the effects are real and lasting.   

Don't make fashion own you, but decide who you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live



STYLE services

the style strategy process: 

We should all live in a style that feels like who we are right now, not just what we see in magazines, IG posts or blogs that may be the trend. You've earned your own signature style. Let's get to know each other and determine YOUR personal direction. This process includes a style assessment, and evaluations of your body type, your coloring, your likes, and dislikes. 


A complete review of everything in your closet: clothing, accessories, shoes, this is much more than just a closet cleanse. Try it all on and learn what to keep, toss, donate, demote, and why.  I'll guide you towards curating a wardrobe that works hard for you, without you working at it. Your current wardrobe is edited and organized. Getting dressed becomes stress-free, efficient, and brings you joy.


Everyone should have wardrobe essentials, as a foundation for all of your outfits. We fill in the gaps to complete your wardrobe with key pieces that will work in constant rotation. If there are things that are missing from your wardrobe or need a fresh look, I'll shop online for you. I'll scout for pieces that will align with your signature style. Everything is selected with your wants, style, and budget in mind. You'll learn what to look for in quality, value, timeless chic.  Fit evaluation and suggestions included.

Once your wardrobe is filled exclusively with things that make you look and feel amazing (after any tailoring, or alteration, or exchanges), we create your new looks in your signature style.   Your existing clothes will take on a new life.  We'll also incorporate your current, curated clothing, with fresh pieces from the COMPLETION phase.   Photos of all outfits will be taken are available within your exclusive online wardrobe. (see below)


putting it all together


style on-call:

Your style concierge. Have a question while you're shopping? Getting dressed for an important meeting and need some advice? Not sure about what to wear for that special event? Enjoy the support of your dedicated style concierge where style is a call or text away.

ZOOM or Facetime sessions can be arranged as add-on features.


more styling services:

We can work together online (or in person, within the NY/NJ/CT area)



Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.16.58 AM.png

I am thrilled to be able to offer my clients an interactive, custom-created, online resource, the ONLINE WARDROBE. Part closet, part boutique, this unique platform is a two-way wardrobe dialogue between us. Featuring a virtual, visual catalog of your clothes, outfits, accessories, and shoes, it can be periodically populated with new finds, trends, and seasonal updates.

All of the items you upload will be totally and logically organized.
The ONLINE WARDROBE houses outfit options for every occasion, situation, mood, weather...available 24/7.

Plus it's the place where you'll review my custom-curated online finds. You have the ability to purchase what you want, directly.

Check out my current curated catalogs.  Catalogs are updated regularly with newest trends, styles and sales.


reveal your personal style

a closet cleanse plus 

fill in and refresh

one year or 6 month options