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imagine living with elevating,

signature style
in your 

LIFE 2.0


and me

It began with Barbies; mixing and matching outfits and giving each doll a new look was my favorite thing to do.


Next, I started dressing my little sisters who gave me the perfect opportunity to style and stage my own at-home fashion shows. (They were pretty good sports)


My passion for fashion was further fueled when I landed a job at a top boutique during high school. I was in heaven. And I was dressing actual grownups! 


I went on to study design at college in the Midwest where I earned the reputation as "the fashionista from the East”. I'll take that!


I focused my design energy and eye in the corporate world of the cosmetic titan, Estee Lauder, followed by a decade my own startup digital media company, Imergy. 

These were excellent experiences, but nothing gave me the same kick I used to get from styling women, and working with clothes.


So, now in my 2.0, I've come full circle, back to my early passion for fashion.


I'm here to create the personal style that give you confidence, joy, and

empowers you to have the 2.0 you desire.


about signature styling

What does Life 2.0 mean to you? Whether it's 40, or over 50,

it's a time of transitions.  Your body has probably changed.

Your lifestyle may have changed.

But change is good. Change can be great!

Transitions are times to think about where you are, where you want to be, what you want next.

Are you showing up, or dialing it in?

And how are you showing up?

Is it in a style that feels like who you are today?

( Take the time to think about this...even if it's for the first time. )

Are you ready for a reinvention, (or maybe an intervention ; ) ?

Add the question of post-pandemic dressing.

Comfort or style?  Can you have both? (the answer is "Absolutely")

Enough thinking...and this is where I come in.

To help you discover the style that optimizes your body, your lifestyle, the you of today.

In your signature style of dressing that is transformative, empowering, and elevates you with self-confidence.

This is your Life 2.0. Show up in style.

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At some point we all experience some self-doubt about our fashion decisions.  (Over 61% of woman feel self-conscious about their appearance. )

What you wear affects how you feel and how others perceive you.  It's called Fashion Psychology.

The negative connections we have with our clothes can be emotionally toxic, and will limit you from claiming the life you desire. 

Through wardrobe therapy and signature styling, experience a transformation that will alter your attitude about what you wear and why.



to work with a stylist
You're ready to :
discover the signature style that is the real you
make heads turn when you enter a room
reinvent your look after a life transition
be style-ready for anything, from beach to black tie
boost your confidence through the roof
treat yourself to some style TLC
enjoy a dedicated style advocate & coach
command your life 2.0 in style
attract the life you crave and deserve

Dressing in your authentic signature style will make you feel like the best version of you! 


It shows in the way you move, the expression on your face, and the energy exude.


Take control of those first impressions ( that, by the way, are made in micro-seconds ) 

Show up with confidence and be a magnet to get what you want in Life 2.0.


Image by Tamara Bellis

goals : CRUSH

feel empowered and fabulous



that's authentic to you

re-invent, reconnect 



buy what you'll love today and tomorrow


( simply put )

Discover the best looks for you, your body.

Take a critical look at your clothes

Learn how to upcycle your wardrobe > maximize what you have and minimize unworn and unloved.

And show up, stress-free with confidence, feeling fabulous!


style is the way to say who you are without having to speak

rachel zoe




Beginning with a complete review of everything in your closet: clothing, accessories, shoes, this is much more than just a closet cleanse. Try it all on and learn what to keep, toss, donate, demote, and why.  I'll guide you towards curating a wardrobe that works hard for you, without you working at it. Your current wardrobe is edited and organized. Getting dressed becomes stress-free, efficient, and fun.

Everyone should have wardrobe essentials, as a foundation for all of your outfits. We fill in the gaps to complete your wardrobe with key pieces that will work in constant rotation. If there are things that are missing from your wardrobe or need a fresh look, I'll shop online for you. Everything is selected with your wants, style, and budget in mind. You'll learn what to look for in quality, value, timeless chic.


Once your wardrobe is exclusively filled with thing that make you look and feel amazing, we put them together in new looks in your personal style.. Starting with your current , curated clothing, plus incorporating fresh pieces, I'll create new outfits you never imagined. Photos of all outfits will be taken are available within your exclusive online wardrobe.


We can work together online
(or in person, within the NY/NJ/CT area)

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 9.16.58 AM.png

An interactive, custom-created, online resource for my clients. Featuring a virtual, visual catalog of your clothes, outfits, accessories, and shoes, this is platform is a two-way wardrobe dialogue between us.
All of the items you upload will be totally and logically organized.
The ONLINE WARDROBE houses outfit options for every occasion, situation, mood, weather...available 24/7.
Plus it's the place where you'll review my custom-curated online finds. You have the ability to purchase what you want, directly.


don't make fashion own you, but decide who you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live

gianni versace


client love

Debra is one of the most talented people I have ever experienced. She can create beauty and elegance from the ordinary. I have personally had her help with both my wardrobe and my home, and Debra's sense of style and taste is impeccable. Neither has ever looked so good. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Debra will change your world to the best it can be! 

rt, california


style is about self expression, and, above all, attitude

iris apfel

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