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Here are some of my favorite finds that offer STYLE and SUBSTANCE, and keep their promises.

- Oprah's got nothing on me! ; )

From SKINCARE and BEAUTY, to FASHION for you and your HOME, to things for HIM, and for your FURBABY, I've curated, and continue to do so you don't have to.

Bookmark this page and check back frequently!

*Disclosure: I only recommend products I use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


for the HOME:

WHY: Sexy salad bowl

WHY: Aerate your wine in style

WHY: Stunning simplicity

WHY: It's graceful lines

WHY: You have to look at it everyday

WHY: A chic take on a superpractical piece

WHY: Sleep better

WHY: Serve with style

WHY: Pure for pure water

WHY: We use ours every single day

WHY: Keeps your face creams chilly-fresh

WHY: Your car keys will thank you

WHY: Who knew you could make it at home

WHY: Sleek and accurate

WHY: Adds charm (and light)

WHY: Breathe clean air, with style

WHY: Form meets function, tick tock

WHY: Chic, unique, & scented, too

WHY: Tabletop statement staple

WHY: Next best thing to visiting the museum

WHY: Beautiful empty, or not

for HIM:

WHY: Wear everyday style on your wrist

WHY: Tops in chopping

WHY: Caffienated control

WHY: Like the equipment as much as the scotch

WHY: We all love s'mores

WHY: Strong things come in small packages

WHY: Superior sound

WHY: Lightweight with lots of space

WHY: No scratchy beards here

WHY: Shaving inSCENTive

WHY: Guys skin needs it too

WHY: Got to keep it smooth

WHY: Challenge for fingers with dexterity

WHY: Dual function optics

WHY: Looks good, sounds better

WHY: SMART glasses take pics, answer calls, play music 

for your FURBABY:

and simply DELICIOUS:

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