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Fall in love with your Fall wardrobe: the psychology behind why we love getting dressed for this new season, with style.

Ah, the fall season—a time of transition in the weather and in fashion.

The leaves are turn amber and pumpkin spice aromas are filling the air, and it's time pull out the Fall clothes (or shop for new).

There are real reasons behind the "why" of that super Fall-clothes-feeling :

A FRESH START : The New School Year Effect

Many of us, even most of us remember going clothes-shopping before the new school year. That feeling of planning the perfect outfit for the first day of school, to give the right after-the-summer-first impression. Priceless, right? Fall carries that residual impact of 'back to school,' a time of new beginnings and opportunities. Even if your school days are long behind us, that cultural psyche stays, encouraging the notion that fall is a chance for a fresh start. Hence, there's this drive to reinvent oneself, and what better way to do that than through a wardrobe update?


Let's hear it for the time of year when we renew old friendships with our wool and cashmere! As temperatures drop, our clothes serve as a literal and metaphorical layer of comfort and protection. The cozy sweaters and soft fabrics aren't just practical; they also provide emotional comfort. The tactile sensation of being enveloped in warm, comforting fabrics can be psychologically reassuring, a fabric-induced hug.

STATUS & IDENTITY : The Fashion Statement

And there's the influence of New York Fashion Week and the fall collections that dominate the fashion scene. For people in metro areas like New York, there's an undeniable social factor—new fall clothes are often about signaling status or affirming one's identity. Fall fashion enables people to stay ahead of trends or even just to participate in a cultural moment, keeping them relevant and socially engaged. Just keep in mind that you want to CONSTRUST your wardrobe, not DISTRACT from your personal style goals.

MEMORIES AND TRADITION : the Nostalgia Factor

Fall fashion also has a nostalgic component. The knits and plaids often evoke memories of family, holidays, and traditions. Clothing is more than fabric; it's a repository of experiences, and wearing specific styles in the fall can serve as a tactile stroll down memory lane. Whether its a football jersey while watching the game, or the plaid skirt that comes out of the closet every Thanksgiving (very BIG again this season, after a long hiatus!).

CONTROL & AUTONOMY : Personal Styling

Fall presents more opportunities for layering, mixing, and matching compared to the relatively straightforward summer clothes. It's a season that gives you more control over how you want to present yourself. That autonomy in styling can be empowering and psychologically uplifting.

Which of these fall-clothes-psyches resonate with you?


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